Saturday, July 19, 2014

No guesses as to how we started today…that’s right; Rollexes (with the obligatory chilli sauce of course!), chapattis and pineapple.  Michael led devotion this morning prompting us to think about how we will continue to break the cycle of poverty after we come home – whether this is in the form of putting money aside every time we waste food or forfeiting our “must have” bought coffee (which I have to say I am guilty of…) and using that money to help others. Hmm it’s going to be tough but definitely worth it!

No building today but another new skill for some to add to their repertoire – painting! We headed back to the Home of Hope (home for children with multiple disabilities) to paint the ceiling of the main hallway. Goodbye dark hallway!!! We were greeted at the home by a bit of projectile vomiting – someone was too excited by our appearance – which saw Andrew run the other way… but never fear, the team rallied together as we carried and constructed scaffolding into the home. All hands were on deck as some used rollers on long sticks (watch out splinters), whilst others climbed the scaffolding to cut in and finish off the areas with brushes that the rollers couldn’t reach. Grant was kept busy with varnishing the cornices. By lunchtime we had finished the bottom coat, but it seemed we had also “painted” the floors too… oops.  Armed with brooms and a bucket of water Nat and I took to removing the stray paint on the concrete floor.

The lovely ladies at the Home of Hope cooked us lunch of rice, pasta, beans and chapattis. Thanks ladies! Fuelled up and ready to tackle the first top coat, the team hit the brushes and rollers again. With prior experience under our belts, a team of “floor scrubbers” followed the painters to clean up the paint splatters. Phew, I am getting tired just reliving this all... By 3:30pm we had finished the first top coat and cleaned the floors back to their original state. Edith and the team are very happy with their brighter hallway with big smiles all round.

Unfortunately it was time to say farewell to the kids and staff that we had bonded with last visit and today – sad face. I have to say that the Home of Hope is an inspirational place and I am excited and humbled to have been introduced to the work that they are doing.  There are no words to express.

After a quick stop off at the supermarket to get much appreciated ice-cream we headed home. Chillaxing (and much needed showers) are on the agenda for the rest of the day before our adventure continues tomorrow.

Cheers, Jen 

Cooking lunch!!

The boys hard at it..

It's getting there..

The master varnisher!!

Two spatter - one cleans...

All in...

Someone's gotta clean

One very happy Home director..

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