Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Village of hope is in preparation for the december/january 2010/2011 teams who will be here to bless the village once again. The two teams come with one sole aim of being a blessing to the village. While here the team help build two more houses so that the children can have a safe enviroment where they can stay away from the biting poverty and risky enviroment.
All is well at the village,Luke is still with us,though at the moment he is in Rwanda filming the work Hopebuilders is doing there; he will be back on 2nd dec till march 2011 or even stay longer! next year we shall also have Ron and Anne(who have been here before) they will stay for a whole year working with the village. They will be serving God here,being a blessing to the children and the village. KEEP THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS.
The children will soon break off for their holidays,this school term sees them go to another class. our children are now comfortable in school,its been a whole year since they joined school. It was hard at first for them but they perceivered and held on, worked hard. We are so optimistic that they will all go to another class. Different people have played a great part in their education,this includes ofcourse you guys who help support them,the teachers and volunteers like Eli and sarah and jeremy, and luke. we cant forget the mothers who teach them good morals and who provide a good nurturing enviroment for them.Thank you for all you are doing partners.
Our children.

THE KIDS(shami(in the striped dress) was trying to say cheers,she is simply interesting)

THAT IS OZZY AND QUEEN. They get along well.always sisters!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


The village will greatly miss jeremy and sarah who've been part of the village for almost 5 months.! They had indeed become part of the Village of Hope. Their time here was a great blessing to us and the community. With their stay here, some kids had learnt to construct sentences in English! the community too has been blessed in many amazing ways! with a farm up and running we are optimistic that it will grow!
the most important important aspect with this couple is that they valued people,sometimes going out of their way to fix stuff:) thats the spirit we want to remain in the Village of Hope, so that the first impression pple see is hope when they walk into the village!
As you may well know its expensive coming over here for a longer period,it takes God and a strong will to step out despite the stories(like the threat of malaria etc) you might hear about life in africa! The jeremies percivered with great faith despite a few challenges they faced.
The 13th Nov(the day we bid farewell to them), begun with taking the kids out for a swim and later in the day we had a great feast with the jeremies.
it was difficult for the kids, the mothers and the community to say bye to the jeremies! the mothers,kids,the pastors,robert shared their experiences about their experiences with the jeremies. We only wish them a great,safe journey back.

At the moment we have a new pregnant or encalfed cow,that makes two plus ozzie. The milk production is expected to go up. the new cow has gotten used to her new home.
with the jeremies success story,you can also venture out in the unknown and belive the lord for provison, just obey his still small voice and come and be a blessing to the village! your coming could make poverty history!!:)

jeremy and sarah share their last words of farewell to the village!

kids bid farewell to the jeremies with a song!

the village prepared an african meal which the community shared with the jeremies

the community lift up jeremy and sarah in prayer,so that the lord continues to use them wherever he sends them!

robert our director here speaks final words of farewell to the communtiy

kids at jeremies farewell

pastor and wife shared too!(this is where our children go for prayers every sunday.

all kids had a great time swimming!