Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter Then Trinity Team at V.O.H

It was full of jovial celebrations here at Village of Hope during the Easter season, when we remember a King dying for his own servants, so that they can have eternal life.... Glory and Honor be to God.
We used Easter holiday sharing with mothers, Juliet, with the Children who also watched the whole Bible movie which left them meditating upon God's unending love for the people who respect him.
Of course there were lots of food and drinks in a cool musical environment as the kids enjoyed the tasty delicacies prepared by their mothers and some older Children,; It was all good and every one went back to School refreshed...Great thanks to everyone who made this possible.

After the Easter festivities, we were blessed to host Trinity Grammar School Team of 19 members from Australia on 30-03-16 led by Tom Matt and Vanessa, and we've had an absolutely  amazing time with these guys i must say..
On the first day , me and Robert shared with them about Hope Builders work and all its projects plus briefing them on how their visits are going to be in the various projects. In the afternoon, we went to Hope community High School for a soccer game which narrowly didn't go well in  favor of our visitors..;.
Next  day at V.O.H, team members were moved around the village getting a glance on how everything is running and they were amazed by the good work of Hope Builders of giving Hope to tomorrow's leaders,they did some painting of Houses' windows and doors.
The Team also payed a visit to Home of Hope and Youth Support Uganda, and were touched by the findings there......... , caring for children with multiple disabilities at H.O.H, and empowering young women plus skilling them at YSU 'this sounded so good to them .
On Sunday it was church in the morning at abundant church till noon ,after lunch it was interaction time with the children and mothers at the village with a soccer game between Trinity boys and and the Village's Hard Team after which we were given a handful of balls which our team was so thankful to.
Trinity Team had to leave to Rwanda yesterday and they promised to come back  probably next year...........We'll miss you Trinity , thanks for spending some good time with us.......... Ivan