Sunday, July 20, 2014

So day 15 started with an early rise at 5am to walk up Monkey Mountain! We had 6 keen walkers who powered up that hill with great power!! Who knows where their strength came from? (Considering how tired we are) but yet we climbed it in great time!! Then we sat and just admire Gods incredible creation while lifting up his name in a great time of worship! (with some incredible voice might I add!! Anna and Grant of course J) Then we walked down and met up with the rest of the team of a great breakfast of rollexs and chappattis.  We had a great devo run by Jen reminding us how important encouragement is within our team.  We then proceeded to write warm fuzzies to one another.  This was great fun and an even better way to start the day!

We then with 5 minutes to spare head off to ‘Welcome Home Children’s Orphanage.’   When arriving we were welcomed by the beautiful hearted Mandy who runs the orphanage with her husband.  She told us about how it started and the awesome work that has continued to happen for all the children.  Some of the children are in serious need, some have been abandoned, some suffer from aids where as other are not in stable family situations.  We then got a tour of the place looking at the babies’ room, the toddlers and the older children areas.  After having a look around we were able to just have some time to play with the kids and enjoy each others company.  The kids really tested our energy levels, as they climbed and jumped all over us.  We ran around, jumped on trampolines, swung on play equipment, sang songs, carried babies, struggled to let go of babies, some enjoy some urine on their cloths, while others were fortunate to miss out on that.  After a few hours of playing we were able to witness probably the cutest toddler feed ever seen to mankind!! With a heavy heart we said our good byes, while Andrew checked our pockets to make sure we didn’t take any kids with us, when we headed out to town for lunch.

Some of us enjoyed a nice lunch at The Keep, before endeavoring the main streets of Jinja for the last time.  We did some shopping for family and friends back at home of course, as well as a few things for ourselves.  Some of us went to the market place and enjoyed seeing a different side of Jinja from the touristy side.  From stalls and stalls of fruit to cow hooves, stomachs and everything else you can eat! Was quite a sight.  Some of us had the privilege to watch a dance competition, where they were also able to participate with their sweet moves and break dancing!

We then headed back to Suubi house for some chill time before having an amazing dinner of lasagna!! Was definitely a highlight meal! Then after dinner our cooks Juliet and Elizabeth surprised us with a delicious cake, as it was a last dinner with them!! As Juliet gave her speech there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, as we showed our appreciation for the amazing food we have been able to have while we have been here.

Then after dinner we practiced some songs that we are leading in church tomorrow.  Being very creative using bottles, and caps, spoons, forks, and anything we could get our hands on making quite a racket! But we are pretty excited to be able to lead some songs tomorrow in church, so stay tuned!

Keep it real Tiff! J

Look at me....

Food for all :)

Kids love bubbles

....and swings..

Sometimes you just need to be held!


Two on one..? we can do that.

Please sir...... can I have....more..

Our amazing cooks..

Juliet makes a speech..  cool..

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