Tuesday, September 18, 2012

After having a week of training on changing insemination, we decided to work practical on own farm since  christian was on hit,its was successful operation and very nice  to train micheal so that he can cry on the work.

Daily farming is now moving in another level after cow christian conceived for first time,on this stage we hope to enlarge of farm structure and increasing on skills on more production.

We want thank the schoolies team for building micheal's house in the farm.after having a new house and the farm being repaired and treated very well.
We now receive good service from the farm and good report from Micheal's work.

As you come in west-ends farm, a nice view with the beauty of green grass and cows welcoming you as come.

Micheal and i working on shed of the farm so that the cows may have good sleep and nice stay while resting during the day.all the shed was cemented well and the roof was worked on as well.

School shoes fitting in.

Last week village children were fitting in the shoes after my wife buying them.it was such joy after seeing new shoes.

We thank God for the provision of the shoes,and other school requirements of our children here at the village.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New mother/nurse here at the village.

We thank God for new mother of house 7 but also works as nurse at the village.its a relief from every day driving to the clinic .she is working so hard treating the sick children and helping mama Ruth as she recovers from sick beck.

Its paramount  joy here to have this family with us in admin house,they are so lovely.

Jessa's family with her lovely children,carol, Natasha and Cyrus.


 On Sunday a team from USA visited us here at the village helped us in community work like splitting fire wood,cleaning around the compound and Indian visitor came with a donation of food stuff. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Robert k and i we went to check out on new modern of cooking using less fire wood.
Here face a challenge of fire which  sometime not there but still expensive and this give the mind of thinking so fast of new ways of we can reduce on expending much.

This is one of the fire cooking stove which first in shown ground in jinja two months ago.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


It's school holidays at the Village so there is always some thing going on. The children have been spending lots of time revising their school books for the next term as well as enjoying spending time with one another. Every morning a teacher has been coming in to teach the children and help them with any school work they need assistance with. The children have had a really fun holiday but look forward to returning to school next week.
Ann-marie is doing very great job in the village with all the children.
On her free days she gets in teaching with pre- school kids then old after and have some fun with some games and story telling.this has caused an impact to most kids during the short time she has stayed with them.