Tuesday, March 8, 2016

From Village of Hope.........

To all our beloved supporters , kind greetings in the name of the King of Kings.
Village of Hope continues to be a center of Hope for ever an increasing number of  Vulnerable Children here in Uganda... Thanks to all HOPE BUILDERS, currently you cater for 113 children's Schooling needs  both residents and non residents of Village of Hope.
For Resident Children, you make sure they have Accommodation, Medical care, Food, Education, Clothing, Psycho-Social care and every thing possible for proper children's up bringing.

The 2016 Schooling term began, and every Hope Builders' Child is in School as i write this information, with all their Scholastic s needed this first term. Two of last year's candidate(senior4) children (WINNIE, JOHN), have this year joined Institutions in Hotel Management and Institutional Catering at YMCA for Winnie, and for John, he went in for Motor Vehicle Mechanics at Jinja Vocational Training Institute.
Other children went to their particular Schools in the Classes they were promoted to last year.

Still on children',we had 4 of our girls attending BAPTISM Classes at Abundant Church and they received Baptism in Lake Victoria with other church members plus one of  our Mothers (Mama Rose 1), we congratulate them for having taken the Best decision in their lives.

On the mothers' side, they are  well and going about with their responsibilities, except Mama Alice who had an eye infection and was treated. Mamas are so thankful for the support you extend to them and their Children... they always pray for you.

The Village is expanding and now we see the roofing of House 13, getting ready to receive more 8 vulnerable children and a widow or a single mother.
With the Village's farm, cow Horse calved down with a bouncing female calf and we believe the other expecting ones will do soon for increased milk production.
Farm attendant's house is now in a new look with a kitchen,bathroom and toilet  newly constructed  by the Jan Team form AUS.
Many Blessings to you ALL for making this Happen.
Jinja Christian School SENIORS

Steven in a hurry,as pre-schoolies look on

Winnie arrives at YMCA Hostel

House 13 ready for a roof

New born Calf and mother

Farm Homestead's New look

Ready for Baptism