Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tuesday 8th July

Today we had breakfast on the roof consisting of Rolexes, chapatti and Juliet’s home made loaf. Daniel then led devotion on allowing God to show us our gifts and how we can use them here, and encouraging each other in our own gifts. We headed down to the Village and began laying the fourth course of bricks. Today we added morning tea (Smoko) to the daily schedule as a chance to reapply sunscreen, have a drink and some biscuits and take a much needed rest from the hot sun. We got back to work and then headed home at midday for lunch. While we were there the sky got dark and rain began to fall. Not enough that we couldn’t work so we headed back to the village. After not even one course it began to rain heavily so we covered our work and we all, including the builders, headed under the main hall for shelter while we waited for the rain to stop. In the meantime, Ronnie and Nicholas (builders), Cyrus and Owen (village kids) and Dani, josh, Nat and Kase played a small game of soccer while the others rested. The rain eased up and we were able to finish a sufficient amount of work and then we headed home. We showered and then were treated to a classic African meal of matoki (a savoury banana, mashed like potato) with rice and chicken. Tonight we had our first of many team meetings to come where we spent some personal time reflecting on the past few days and the weeks ahead. We then broke into groups with people we don’t know very well and discussed some things we wrote down and then prayed for each other, which was an awesome way to finish the day.
Check out todays pics....

                                                                                                Michael & Kasey

Shifting bricks again!!
Help is at hand!

These girls can dig!
Checking the quality!

Morning tea time..

Them walls are growing!

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