Sunday, July 27, 2014

Team 16!! Great Work Well Done

What an amazing Team 16 was...For the 2+weeks we are so blessed at Village of Hope.
From leaving House11 at Wall plate for another new addition of 16 children and a widow, visiting the slums in Kikaramoja,playing and chatting with children and  a whole lots of activities carried out.',, Big up Team.
I cant resist remembering Sue's and Stan's welding skills, the girls and boys busy raising the wall with the African Hope Builders.
After a hard 2weeks work, the Team had to say goodbye to Uganda but at least not forever.
A farewell party at the Village was the way to go on Monday evening. It hosted a number of Hope Builders ranging from Children, Mothers, and all V.O.H Staff plus our Dear Visitors who had made it all.
Party involved speeches, dancing competition between whites and Africans and at the end of it all', Drinks and Eats (Sodas and Biscuits) which gave every body a reason to be happy, smile and dance.
We indeed had a great time and a Great Team...I wish you could be here when our chicken are ready for consumption........Sue,how about it?
Thanks Hope Builders in the fight of Breaking the Cycle of Poverty.
Let the Pics down talk.................

Cant say goodbye  guys

Enjoy this and that

We prefer Fanta to Coco guys


safe journey God's People

 waiting for a new lot soon

W' 'll be ready in 2wks time

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S Boonstra said...

Is that me you are inviting to eat the chickens? No, they're all for you!
Thanks for the post Ivan. It's good to see the final photos.
- Sue.