Friday, October 23, 2015

Update From Village of Hope

Our beloved readers, greetings to you all, and thanks for the effort you always inject in Breaking the Cycle of Poverty.
Village of Hope continues to bless those coming in and leaving it. We are happy to be part of the Great team which is making sure that children's lives are changed positively.............Thanks to all Hope Builders all over the world.
With your generous support, we always register tremendous progress in our work of raising and training  a generation to be self sustainable and responsible citizens.We are able to pay children's educational needs , maintain them in school ,accommodating and feeding them because of you people.
Still on education, we need 'we' the parents to be at the center stage of our children's capabilities academic wise. This started through holding home lessons in reading and basic science concepts and interpreting them in their local language to enable them understand better. We are also grateful for our Winnie and John S4 candidates who are sitting their National Exams, and pray that GOD grants them success with flying colors. For P7-Martha,Carol, and Wycliff, their's will be on 2/Nov/15 keep them in prayers.
The Village's infrastructure and enterprises are improving on the daily basis, more 2houses ready to be occupied, drainage trench built and house verandahs floors finished. Dairy cows are also promising, with 2which are now gestating. Poultry; layers have started laying eggs and broilers are ready for sale.
Lots of thanks to all our dear supporters
See in Pics below
Vege cover growing thicker in VOH

Time for Home lessons


Grown up layers

cows in the shade

Rain water harvester

Broilers ready for sale