Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Big Building Day

Our day started of wet and soggy - when the rain fially stopped we thought we could start some building but soon the heavens opened again and we were running for shelter. The Community Shelterr in the center of the Village where an impromptue game of indoor soccer began. With mixed teams of Muzungu's and Village kids it was a fiesty affair with a fe injeries along the way. We were all glad when the rain stopped so we could take a breather from the hard work of soccer and beging carting mudbricks from the bottom of the village to the top.

It is wet season here and everything is very muddy and wet which has made for some interesting work conditions.  The team worked like troupers and we managed to replace most of the top course on house 7 while the welders were working on the ring beam of house 8. All of us returned from our hard day with beautiful fake Ugandan tans - ie all glowing orange.  A few pici's of an amazing hard working team.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Visiting the Village

Today we got our first chance to meet the people of the Village of Hope. It is always an overwhelming welcome. Many of the team commented about a sense of God's presence in being welcomed in such an accepting way.

It was great to be able to get a tour of the village and see all the wonderful work that continues to happen in and around the village.

The wet season is kicking in and rain has been a regular occurance in the first couple of days. The afternoon was spent in Jinja getting cashed up and some Flavours Milkshakes.  Looking forward to a big day of building tomorrow !!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Team 13 Arrives.

Yes team 13 has arrived safely at Subbi House all tired weary and worn. Except for Mich Vb who managed to scam an upgrade to buisness class for the Dubai Entebbe flight!!!  Had a great meal of Lucy's African cooking and are now looking forward to a great cold shower!!!  Will keep you posted over the coming weeks of our adventures.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Schoolies Revolution 2012 - Gets it done!

The team and the HB Builders celebrate - we are at ring beam!
Job Done!!
Well despite some early setbacks with rain slowing down and even stopping work and then not having power for a number of days, this awesom eteam of young people got the job done - they completed house number 8 up to the ring beam. The last few days they even had to mix the majenga by hand in a wheelbarrow. The team was extremely happy and we are incredibly proud of all of them.

The HB Builders in their new strip
THANKS Knox Churches Soccer Club
United in sport and work!

The team also played a game of football (soccer) with the HopeBuilders' Ugandan builders. This fantastic group of guys had been talking the game up all day, saying that it was "judgement day for the schoolies", I think this was especially because of the loss they suffered last year. They were very excited when they received the team set of football jerseys, compliments of the Knox Churches Soccer Club, and they looked good. Unfortunately this did not help them even this year, as they went on to suffer a 6 - 3 loss to SR12. It was an awesome afternoon and everyone enjoyed themselves including all our children from VoH. In fact, our VoH children were giving the locals quite a hard time, whenever a goal was scored against them or they made a mistake. The young boys of VoH have now requested a set of tops for themselves - could be a definite possibility :)

We have onevmore day in the Village and saying "good bye" will not be easy. It is our prayer that the sign at the gate of our village takes life for this team - "May all who enter be blessed and may all who leave be a blessing!"

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Schoolies Revolution impacting Uganda!

Awesome progress on the house!
Joel preaching at Abundant Life Church
Well its been just over a week since the awesome Schoolies Revolution team of 2012 arrived in Uganda. They have already done a great job on building house number 8 at the Village of Hope and they have also visited the men's and women's prisons, a disabled children's home, a babies home for orphaned babies, a village in Njeru where they gave gifts of love including sugar, soap and the best of all 4 sewing machines. The team fundraised for two of these machines and the other two were a result of Schoolies 2011 team's fundraising. The team has also visited a local high school Hope Community High school and they have done many activities with the lovely children of the Village of Hope. You can catch up on more detail of the trip with the most entertaining and informative posts in the Schoolies blog ...  Schoolies Revolution 2012 Blog there are also a number of photos on their FaceBook page at Schoolies Revolution 2012 Photos you dont have to be a member to view them...  If these awesome young people can do this, whats stopping you?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Village updates

Last week the pre- school children came back home for holidays after working so hard at the school.
we also thank God for the provision the school fees and money for graduation and new clothes.

Rose,William, Junior,Ibrah and Olivia are now going in primary one next and this is how they looked  in the village shelter ready to for the last day of pre-school.

 Its now holiday time but also some our grown up children are enjoying working at the farm with the knowledge of  farming in God's way at the village.we have to have cabbages in next month and so many vegetables.

we as the village we believe that we can create something income and place were children came and learning  some skills