Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 4 of the Schoolies In Uganda (VOH)

Today has been pretty a busy day for the Schoolies Team and i , as early as 8:55 am they came for me at the Village to take them in the different schools where the Village children study from.
We started with Pre-School (Hope Land) and interacted with the children and it was really a wonderful experience to be with the little ones at their School.
After Pre-School we headed to Jinja Christian School where the Acting Head teacher Tr Jonathan took us around in the different classes and The Schoolies were so happy to share with the children, looking through their work and reading bible stories. We peeped at Joy primary but the children had finished thier end of year papers and they were home.
From Jinja Christian Sch, we went to Hope Community High School where only Senior Six students were at School because others finished their papers a week back. The Director Robert K gave a brief history of the School and how donations from Australia have helped them excel especially in Science subjects.One thing which suprised the Team was that in most Ugandan Schools, the Teacher: learners' ratio can be over 1:100 which here we see  as something very normal.Some of the Team members donated books to the school and promised to be in touch with the school.
After the Schoolies' tour they headed back to Suubi house for lunch and then to the Village to build house 10 after lunch.We are really for this Team's work.
Another activity of the day was to give some clothes (2bags)  from our orange container to Miracle orphanage whose dormitories caught fire and their belongings got burnt, this we did me and Robert K. 
That was our day..... view this in photos


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Schoolies Revolution 2013 Arrives In Uganda

It was at around 12:47 pm when they landed at Entebbe International Airport, me (Ivan) and Robert K we were ready waiting for them at the airport and   it was really a wonderful moment for many especially the first time visitors.
From the Airport we headed our way to Jinja through the Capital city Kampala then into the green forests of Mabira and finally to Suubi house where the Team couldnot rest without visiting the Village. After we went to the Village and we were welcomed by the children with their African  sweet smiles and the team interrcted with the children and the mothers for about an hour and then headed to suubi house for dinner.
On Tuesday this week building  house 10 started  and 3 courses were finished whereas today building was half day as they went for shopping in the after noon.


Monday, November 4, 2013


It has been a while without updates from Village of Hope ,,,to all our friends out there we say HELLO. The Village is fine and everybody is lively we had a wonderful overnight this Friday and we dedicated the Village into the hands of God and raged for our donors ,this is every first Friday of the month. .Today morning we went to church , we had a wonderful sermon and this time Sunday school was the smartest and most joyous.Some unfortunate news of Pr. George losing his in-law but he being comforted by the LORD.
A lot of activities are going on at the village and everyone is busy; manager's is being plastered,house 10 foundation is finished, enough blocks for house 10 are ready ,a pit latrine is being dug and the children always  do their daily routines and now many of them are interested in their studies than ever before.
This year 2013 we have 3(Joan,Peace,and Robert )as P.7 candidates, we wish them success in their next week Primary living Examinations.We also have 5from Pree-school who are joining P.1 next year and they now call themselves graduands.