Sunday, March 22, 2015

From Village of Hope Desk!!

Hi to all our lovely readers,
We're doing well here at Village of Hope, admin, mothers and Children are all in good condition.
Children are winiding up with their Mid Term Exams and in a month or so they will break off for their holidays as they spoke when we went for Visitation Day at Hope Comm High Sch.
The mothers are so thankful for the Empower Program organized to them by Hope Builders as they are quickly now realizing the changes in the way they handle different issues at hand. For some,"" it showed them where they are to belong in this journey called LIFE. Today we've held a meeting with them on the issue a day out..
From our Volunteers on the ground, Rachal ,William,Sara, and Madie, they are diong well, blessing the Village in a number of ways and today they are taking the Girls out for a Picnic.........enjoy girls"
On the side of Village projects, the farm is going on well, though it has been very Sunny for a couple of Days, Michael has been to fetch pastures from wherever he could.
The BOYS'  Workshop Shade's construction is going on as today they have finished the Slab... this will be a boys' place to learn Skills like Brick laying, concrete casting, carpentry and joinery
All the Above and below is possible when we are with Hope Builders.........alllllll our thanks to you guys.


cows enjoy pastures

at V.D Hope com School

admin and mothers meeting

packing for a picnic