Friday, November 23, 2012

Schoolies Revolution 2012 about to leave!!!

Well tonight Schoolies Revolution 2012 sets off for Uganda - 21 VCE students who have just finished their exams will be heading to the Village of Hope - their mission to build house number 8 and to bring hope to a lot of hurting people. We will visit prisons, slums, HIV orphaned babies and much more. We will also spend time with theawesome kids at the Village of Hope and help in advancing the work of HopeBuilders. Keep an eye on the daily blog posts on you will find them undet TRIPS > 2012 Trip. There will be updates on here as well....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Progress with small groups and one on one with our beautiful girls from the village.

Last week we had nice time with small groups with our girls here from the village and it was nice wife and mama florence were sharing their experences from their teenages and how they managed to come up to where they are today.
mama florence is such big tool we have at the village and her testmorny is great to young girls.

Frelonce shared on the advertages of having friend at schools and in the communities while your parents now them very well and where they come,she says in so knowing the friends of your children creates security and trust to them.
The girls were happy and interested in listen and then sharing their past experience with me and my wife.we want thank God for the wisdom of doing this {small groups}because will create more trust and security to our young girls.the fence we have can't protect these from dang our but telling them truth and pour love and praying for them daily will keep them in the ways of God.