Sunday, August 17, 2014

Village of Hope updates.2014.

 Blessings to all. It's Term 2 hollidays, children are relaxing and enjoying it.Now they can wake up at 7:00am different from the usual 6:00am. They get Breakfast at 7:30am ,and relax up to 10:00am before engaging in holiday coaching which lasts for 1and half hrs. More hours having fun on the Slide, playing round games and all sorts of plays....All of that makes the Village a good place to be for the Children.
For the P7candidates, their days are numbered to the National Exams, (Jane, Little Brenda, Carol Big, Phiona and Joshua ) are all " busy bees " being helped by their Teachers ...Ron and Anne at the Village.
At the start of their holidays, children with worn-out mosquito nets received new ones and they were so happy for that.

Great  news to hear...;i believe' our broiler birds are at selling stage and we are to taste how delicious they are this Sunday.
The cattle shade  is now ready to house Farm Animals.
Posho mill project is on , the first trials were successful after assembling the Machine by the Technicians.Village of Hope will be manufacturing it's own Posho very soon.
Thanks to all Hope Builders.........
Enjoying our holidays

i like this

stock ready for sale

thanks for the new mos-nets

posho mill being tried

new cattle shade ready for Animals