Thursday, December 30, 2010

Team updates

Theres nothing more rewarding than reaching out with love. thats why this team came all the way from Australia to give back! As you may realise this is done to hel break the cycle of poverty so that kids who were once in the shackles of poverty are saved and given a descent place they call home. we mant to ask you to pray for them as they do this great work!! pray also that the lord will touch you and speak to you to support the great work here!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Dec/Jan 2011 Team

Since their arrival on 27th dec,the team members look energized,fully ready to give their all in the building work here! this will yet another of those memorable teams weve had. All the team members are looking forward to being a blessing to the village. The lord has been so mercifull. damian is leading the team. the unique thing about this team is that damian travelled with his children who are having a wonderfull time building together with the team.

Richard working on the rock, this will bear the cross that is symbolic of the great work of hopebuilders,coming out of the cycle of poverty through the cross of christ.

the kids get interested in what the team is doing.

Joel with the spademan, jirrawat and ashley working very hard in the scorching African sun.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


the first slab of the first house is completed already! we are now counting days to the arrival of the december team! we are looking forward to recieving the teams!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

village updates

the foundation of the next two houses is moving very fast.

Monday, December 13, 2010

village updates

We are counting down days to the arrival of the December/January team. Alot of preparations are being made for their arrival. The foundations for the next houses are being laid and will be ready for the teams to start building! K eep them in your prayers.

The children are excitedly anticipating to meet their new friends,since some team members will be coming with their families,it will be wonderfull exp for our kids to interact with kids from another country. we pray that one day you will make it here with your family too!!

Sandra a teacher from Australia volunteers her time at the village to help kids during this holiday, shes here for a few weeks. already her work with the kids has been fruitful.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Not long now and the 2nd December group will arrive ready to contribute yet more to the life and progress of Village of Hope. They are looking forward to meeting all the children, Mama Loyce and Agnes, Michael and his family and not to forget our 2 mighty men, Robert and Ivan!!
They will celebrate Christmas here then fly off the next morning off to Uganda.
Please pray for their safety, their health and that they will settle into the village quickly.
Check out the picture of the team!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Village of hope is in preparation for the december/january 2010/2011 teams who will be here to bless the village once again. The two teams come with one sole aim of being a blessing to the village. While here the team help build two more houses so that the children can have a safe enviroment where they can stay away from the biting poverty and risky enviroment.
All is well at the village,Luke is still with us,though at the moment he is in Rwanda filming the work Hopebuilders is doing there; he will be back on 2nd dec till march 2011 or even stay longer! next year we shall also have Ron and Anne(who have been here before) they will stay for a whole year working with the village. They will be serving God here,being a blessing to the children and the village. KEEP THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS.
The children will soon break off for their holidays,this school term sees them go to another class. our children are now comfortable in school,its been a whole year since they joined school. It was hard at first for them but they perceivered and held on, worked hard. We are so optimistic that they will all go to another class. Different people have played a great part in their education,this includes ofcourse you guys who help support them,the teachers and volunteers like Eli and sarah and jeremy, and luke. we cant forget the mothers who teach them good morals and who provide a good nurturing enviroment for them.Thank you for all you are doing partners.
Our children.

THE KIDS(shami(in the striped dress) was trying to say cheers,she is simply interesting)

THAT IS OZZY AND QUEEN. They get along well.always sisters!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


The village will greatly miss jeremy and sarah who've been part of the village for almost 5 months.! They had indeed become part of the Village of Hope. Their time here was a great blessing to us and the community. With their stay here, some kids had learnt to construct sentences in English! the community too has been blessed in many amazing ways! with a farm up and running we are optimistic that it will grow!
the most important important aspect with this couple is that they valued people,sometimes going out of their way to fix stuff:) thats the spirit we want to remain in the Village of Hope, so that the first impression pple see is hope when they walk into the village!
As you may well know its expensive coming over here for a longer period,it takes God and a strong will to step out despite the stories(like the threat of malaria etc) you might hear about life in africa! The jeremies percivered with great faith despite a few challenges they faced.
The 13th Nov(the day we bid farewell to them), begun with taking the kids out for a swim and later in the day we had a great feast with the jeremies.
it was difficult for the kids, the mothers and the community to say bye to the jeremies! the mothers,kids,the pastors,robert shared their experiences about their experiences with the jeremies. We only wish them a great,safe journey back.

At the moment we have a new pregnant or encalfed cow,that makes two plus ozzie. The milk production is expected to go up. the new cow has gotten used to her new home.
with the jeremies success story,you can also venture out in the unknown and belive the lord for provison, just obey his still small voice and come and be a blessing to the village! your coming could make poverty history!!:)

jeremy and sarah share their last words of farewell to the village!

kids bid farewell to the jeremies with a song!

the village prepared an african meal which the community shared with the jeremies

the community lift up jeremy and sarah in prayer,so that the lord continues to use them wherever he sends them!

robert our director here speaks final words of farewell to the communtiy

kids at jeremies farewell

pastor and wife shared too!(this is where our children go for prayers every sunday.

all kids had a great time swimming!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The village.

Life in the village goes on normally! with the children safely in school,we have to be thankfull to God,weve seen the lord take us from those down moments to a once vibrant life,the jeremies are back and very fine now,the farm at the village has been going through abit of restructuring,we want to have a great farm that will see the village become self sufficient!
thanks too your prayers,jeremy and sarah's church are adding to us another cow! that will give us milk,thats what we call sustainable development, because we believe God will bless the works of our hands and build more children homes.
Today,i and luke went over to the primary school where our kids go, he is documenting the work hopebuilders is doing here,( hes doing an amazing work). i got some pics of our kids with their friends playing. its great seing these kids in school, and seing thier lives improve day by day! thanks to your support!

jane,winnie and a friend pausing for the camera.

some of our kids during break time!!

our kids having a great time out of class!

Monday, October 18, 2010

prayer request for jeremy and sarah

greetings once again! we got some sad news from jeremy and sarah, while on their way back from sipi falls(eastern uganda)where they had gone to tour, their car got involved in an accident.the vehicle they were in knocked a cyclist.. both jeremy and sarah are well but they are abit traumatised...keep them in your prayers. prayer for their driver richard,the local community nearly had him thrown into jail plus beating him up. jeremy and sarah are safe in a hotel,pray for their journey mercies back to jinja.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The village!

The village becomes a great place to live daily!! with the houses completed we are now working on the process of having the kids in!
As i informed you earlier on, the dairy cow was recently secured,she's called Ozzy!she has been a blessing already to the village,supplying milk to the village and we hope soon she will be providing an income to the village when more milk is produced, big thanks to jeremy's church, they saw the need and acted immediately,thats how Africa's problems can be solved!
Ozzy has a capacity of producing more milk! we are doing all it takes to make sure it gives us alot of milk!!
The chickens arent dissapointing too! we are optimistic that they will give the village enough eggs to make an income,an egg from a local chicken is far exp than an exotic egg!!
With all this said, we pray that the village will become more self sustainable. just as jeremy's church moved one step at a time with one cow, it takes one step, to raise money for a piece of land that will see the village grow food so that we wont need to buy food!
It also takes one step to see one more house sponsored! to see more children helped.
otherwise is well down here!

Katula the farm manager,milking ozzy!

our guard dogs! they are getting oriented to the new farm!

the revived veggie garden. a drip irrigation would really be handy to provide enough water to irrigate the garden.

ozzy in her new home.

jeremy and sarah!

Winnie,fiona and jane. Thanks for making their dreams come true!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I bring seasoned greetings fromt the village! lots of stuff has been happening at the village, thank you for your generous gifts to see the children in school and having a place they call home!

We thank God for the great friends village of hope gets, ever since jeremy and sarah and luke decided to stay with the children, there has been a great improvement in the lives of the kids,they've been great role models to the children.
With luke filming the great work hopebuilders is doing in Uganda and Rwanda, Jeremy and his wonderful wife sarah have embarked on setting up a farm enterprise to benefit the village, through the generous gifts of their church,Jeremy are working day and night to see this farm that will see diary supply the village and even sell some to the community,hence sustaining the project!
The goats and the chicken will have a permanent shelter atlast! we are soo excited about this venture and will do all it takes to see this come to pass!
this village has trully become a great haven for the children!
Plans of settling in the next set of the lovely children is underway! Pray that this whole process shall go smoothly as planned! As you realise the need here is too great! at times we feel getting countless children in the fangs of poverty and risky enviroments,commit hopebuilders into God;s hands! so we can see more villages come up and bless more and more lives!

The selection of mothers is also taking place, pray that the lord will lead us to the right mothers who were predestined for this wonderfull place!
Just like jeremy and sarah and luke,God could be speaking to you to come and be a blessing to his lovely children in Africa, it takes an obedient heart! your gifts can also be a big blessing to see the next set of vulnerable kids get a decent and safe enviroment away from the risky enviroment that greatly affects these precious children. you can even be part of the teams that come to build here!
God richly bless you.

jeremy,luke mix the concrete for the cow pen!

"forever friends" thats jessica and their great moments!

The farm from a distance!

jeremy and his powerful boys getting dirty! these boys love helping!

Luke gets time off from his camera to help with the kids! A great thanks to jeremy,Sarah and Luke for the great influence theyve hard on these kids,they now mutter some words in English!!! they are picking the queen's language very fast!!!

recently i got a parcel from Eli from Austria,this wonderfull young lady had spent most her time ministering to these children,helping them with their home work! since then she became part of the village,recently she sent over pencils,stickers and coloured pens,you cant imagine how the kids were happy!! some gifts make a day in the life of a child and she wont forget such love! it means alot to these precious lives

kids excited about their gifts!!

at the village we encourage our kids to play and have fun,this hels them forget the past and make them work together! thanks to the generous hearts that donated the swing,basket ball court,balls! we greatly appreciate!

sarah guides the children in their homework!

the cow,goat and chicken shed! it will be complete very soon!