Monday, July 6, 2015

Uganda team 19 Day 9

Day 9

We have now been in Uganda for over 216 hours! What? (Or as Richard would say, “You’re joooooooking.”)

Although we may be feeling (and looking – thanks to the Ugandan sun) a little bit more like locals with each passing day, the firsts are still coming in thick and fast. Today is no exception!

After the gals scaled Monkey Mountain and the boys … woke up … we headed off for our second Ugandan church service - this time, prepared and charged for the three-hour service ahead. With the band consisting of one pianist, who also served as the drummer … and sound guy … and music director, the praise was filled with more energy and life than ever. It was so contagious that even Josie was shaking her hips!

But it was only after the service today’s adventures really began.

We were off to find the source of the Nile!

It may have taken Nat, Richard, Ryan, Charles and John pushing our mini van down the block and around the corner to get there … but we did finally get there!! Travelling the rest of the distance by boat, we spotted monkeys (sah cute) and monitor lizards (but no hippos ) until we reached the Nile’s source – a point where Lake Victoria and the Nile River meet.  Although the sign signaling the Nile’s starting point was pretty impressive, maybe more so was the water-based souvenir shops ten metres from the Nile’s source … fully kitted out with electricity and all!

We then went from perusing the Nile to some fine dining at the “All Friends” restaurant. With a lightening storm to finish the night off (dinner and show), we are once again feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. Bring on the next week!!


Pics below... 

Abundant life church!!

On the Nile river ..

Running the souvenir gauntlet!

Some got caught!!

 Team Pic..... except Charles the photgrapher

Great way to end the day!!

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