Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Uganda team 19 Day 11

Day 11

This morning we faced another wave of rolex madness. Some of us are starting to feel a bit over them, including Ryan the machine, who has downsized from 5 to 3. After another sustaining breakfast, Andrew invited Luke from YSU (Youth Support Uganda) to share his journey and what he is doing in Wairaka. By 10 am the sun was beaming down on the balcony so we all walked down the road to visit Luke’s ministry.

We were greeted with open arms quite literally by some of the girls that have been attending the sewing and business class run by YSU. The program aims to seek out  young women at risk in the community and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to support themselves and their families. The women were very enthusiastic about us coming to hear their stories and see their work. Their enthusiasm was expressed in dance and song as they serenaded us. Many of us were invited to join in the dancing by way of wrapping a sash around our waist. Some were keen to join the antics whilst some of us were a bit more reserved but got raucous laughter from the ladies nevertheless. After a short message from Andrew we checked out their workmanship and some of us learned (tried to) sew!!  Then we had our resident model (Ben) model some of the creations with Amy S for us all to admire. After that we then hung out with everyone at the house until lunch.

Juliet’s vegie pasties for lunch were a hit with the group once again. Everyone knew we had a big afternoon of work so they ate up and got themselves together in their stinky sweaty work clothes from yesterday. The work today at the YSU block was similar to yesterday, constructing the chicken coop, rendering the outside wall and weeding. Our two “site managers” Nathan and Luke whipped the team into shape and got them carrying bricks in a conveyor belt across the block. The result of which had a fair amount of us covered in red dust by the end of the day. The afternoon was a success and progress was made on all projects. Even though we only worked half the day we were still all knackered and looked forward to coming home to lasagna for dinner and a coldish soda.

Juliet’s dinner was delicious once again. Following on the tradition, Amy G announced the new LOTD (Legend of the Day), honorable mentions went to myself for my dancing (booty shaking) and Nathan for his unselfish drink stacking, but Ryan was crowned the winner for singlehandedly push starting the ever so reliable van and using his building expertise on the chicken coop. Another successful day from the Hope Builders, its 8pm and getting late so we all better get into bed.

Nathaniel B..

Heaps of pics today!

Team 19 shaking their booty!!

We sew better backwards!!

Our models on the catwalk!

This should get me into Cleo? ..right?

YSU and us...  Fun!

Builder Richard - Chicken coop specialist

Our brick moving chain in action..

The Taj Mahal of Chicken coops!

Posing - cos he never works!

We got dirty - and loved it!

After our hard afternoon
Okay I confess, I rubbed the dirt on myself!!

Juliet's Lasangne!! Yum!

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