Sunday, July 5, 2015

Uganda team 19 Day 8

Day 8

Today started off with a nice early breakfast so we were ready to head out to the Welcome Home orphanage. We were all looking forward to playing with the cute little babies and toddlers. We all crammed into the bus and took off to start our adventures for the day. 

As we arrived at the Welcome Home gates, we were greeted by Mandy - one of the board members. After telling us the story of the orphanage's journey, we were then "set free" to spend time with the kids. :) 

Of course most of the girls ran off into the baby crib room, while the boys took on the toddlers. After an hour, Mandy gathered some of us to take the toddlers for a little drive. (Uganda doesn't believe in baby seats ... they believe in human laps ;)) While driving, we serenaded the children, starting off with "Jesus Loves Me" then on to some awesome Ugandan tones - all us mzungus tried to unsuccessfully sing along! 

After our mini bus adventure, it was the children's lunch time. One by one the toddlers gathered, sitting down in their high chairs (... or should I say low chairs) ready for their delicious pocher and cabbage lunch. Yummy!!

Now it was time for our lunch! After saying our goodbyes, we headed off to town to check out one of Andrew's favourite cafés, "Flavours". Josie and Maddy decided to risk it all and put their lives on the line by riding a boda boda! (Best 2 minutes of our lives!)

Once we arrived at the café, we ordered our food and then waited ... and waited ... and waited ... and waited for our food. Ben seized the opportunity to interview us ladies on our love lives. Obviously, he was trying to get some future tips on how to propose to his future wife. ;) Thank goodness our food finally arrived!! 

Once we finished our food, we then headed back into the main road to hit the shops for some paintings and souvenirs.                           Josie!!

Check out our pics again...

This ones coming with me!

Amy style discipline :)

Simon (no Richard) say....pat your head

Sorry kids, no room for you!!

What a cutie..  Ryan that is!

Nana Sue - Awww 

Just cuddling..  Kids love it.

Yum..  feed me!

look of shock ...

Helping to feed..

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