Sunday, July 12, 2015

Uganda team 19 Day 15

Day 15

Today started off with breaky consisting of rolex’s and chapatti’s, then Richard lead us in devotions about taking small steps in your relationship with Christ. Then we went to Home of Hope to do more work on finishing off the kitchen, which consisted of rendering the inside and out. The kitchen is almost done and the cooks are pretty excited at using the new space. 
While this was happening some of the others played with the kids and did some drawing and coloring as well as some therapy sessions with them.
We worked in the hot sun until lunch then came back to Suubi and had vegetable and mince pies for lunch.

After lunch we just relaxed for an hour or two. We then went to the village of Hope to play with the kids - the boys played a game of soccer, which was a lot of fun, and the girls played some other games and chatted. After the village we came back to Suubi and chilled before supper…
We finished off our evening with a team meeting as tonight is our last night with Phil and Nathan who head home tomorrow..

Ryan D.

Pics below...

Home of Hope!!

Beautiful kids...

The awesome new kitchen!

Hard at work rendering

Looks great!

Our junior renderer!

Jeff and Amy!! Awww

View from high up

Amy G and Farouk! sweet!

We have to win this time!
Our new car park ... with a car on it!!

Josie reads a mean story!

Checking out photos with Sue..  

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