Saturday, July 11, 2015

Uganda team 19 Day 14

Day 14

Today, while some chose the ‘soft’ option of souvenir shopping and lazing around the pool, the more intrepid among us headed off to battle the raging rapids of the river Nile.  At 8.30am Fred picked us up in a nice red comfortable bus (that required no pushing) and we travelled to the Adrift Base to wait for the other rafting groups to arrive.

While waiting we were kept amused by a Kiwi girl who did a bungee jump, and Maddie and Josie who attempted to haul themselves into the upside down kayak hanging from the rafters in the lounge area. They did a pretty good job of it and managed to get themselves into position long enough to pose for a photo.

Eventually all the groups arrived and we all got back onto the bus to travel 40 minutes to the launch site. Once there we were treated to tea, coffee, cake and bananas before meeting our fellow rafters. In raft number one were Phil, Ryan, Maddie, Josie, Nat and Dave, along with two nicely attired South Korean gentleman (cos we all wear trousers and shirts when we go rafting). They were expertly assisted by Sadat who also helped the South Korean gents to tie their spectacles on with string.

The expertise of Di, Sue and Sam was required on the safety boat so we made ourselves available to Grace (our Kiwi guide) and Sadal who expertly guided us through the rapids ahead of all the rafts so we could position ourselves to help the rafters who tumbled from their vessels when pulsing through the rapids.

The rapids we tackled were rated from grade 3 through to grade 5 and had exciting names, including 50/50, Nile Special and Overtime. Halfway through our day we stopped off at Gilligan’s Island (just kidding) to enjoy a super yummy lunch of wraps and salad.

While we were eating, a raging thunderstorm rolled in. But did rolling thunder and pelting rain stop us? NO! Back into the rafts we threw ourselves to continue to the thrill and spills of the Nile rapids. In between rapids we plunged into the water and let the current pull us along. It was actually quite warm in the water (hmmm….why?)

Finally after 26 kilometres and 5 ½ hours of wonderful scenery and tumbling waters we arrived at our final destination for a yummy BBQ and salad with a cold beer or soft drink. Josie and Maddie were still smiling, Di was picking bits of raw fish from her teeth (one of the kayakers did a bit of fishing on the way and tied his fish to the safety boat), Phil was done hitching his pants up and Ryan and Nat had finished translating for the South Koreans!

I self-appointed myself ‘legend of the day’ for hauling one dumped rafter into the safety boat and we all boarded the bus for our ride back to Suubi House in time for a good feed of spaghetti. What a great day!

Sue G

The team!!


Think we made it..

Nope!!  we didn't!

Hey! where are those legs off to?

Oops..  everybody out!

Drowned rats!!  Rain and Nile = wet!

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