Thursday, July 9, 2015

Uganda team 19 Day 12

Day 12

The scene this morning was Suubi house covered in balloons to celebrate Charles’ birthday. Today’s forecast was a sunny 30 degrees. For breakfast, there was a lovely surprise of a platter of rolex’s and chappatti’s!!! Amy.S lead us into our daily morning devotion, where we were given the opportunity to write something encouraging for each team member.

After an uplifting breakfast and devotion, we all got ready to make our way to YSU (Youth Support Uganda). With the exception of Ben, who had been vomiting the night before! Little did we know, our van had to be push started again… but in no time we had the van running like a “dream”. As we arrived, we were given our orders for the day – brick laying, painting the (Taj Mahal sized AND with a million dollar view) chicken coop, weeding and rendering walls. After two hours of hard work we had accomplished much more than expected - our brick laying had become a decent sized wall and our painters exceeded everyone’s by covering the chicken coop and themselves in the black oily paint. Lunch time came so we cleaned up and made our way back to Suubi house, our painters spent a very long time trying to clean themselves up for lunch. They used a mixture of petrol and Omo washing detergent to try and clean the oily paint off their skin.  Lunch was Ugandan pancakes (same as Australian) with a variety of toppings. After lunch, we made our way back to YSU and continued with our tasks. Painters smashed out the painting and brickies began to gain some sort of rhythm. We left YSU slightly early to get back to Suubi house to clean up and head out to dinner.

Prior to heading out for dinner, we enjoyed a delicious chocolate cake made by Juliet for Charles’ birthday. Once we had scrubbed ourselves clean and made ourselves look pretty, we made our way to Black Lantern – which is pretty much fine dining. Nile specials were flowing out from the bar, alongside fresh fruit juices for the non-alcoholics. Tonight’s menu was amazing, accompanied by the view of the Nile River over the balcony. In a candle light dinner setting, four team members tackled the full rack of pork spare ribs. I must say they went through them with ease…
                                                                       Richard L...

Happy Birthday to Charles!!  Nice shirt!! 3rd one!
Our painters!!

Brickie legends!!

Some of the paint got o the wood too!!

I'm trying to assimilate!

Almost there!
Starting the van in the main street! in peak hour!
Wall foundation reinforcing ..
Relaxing after a hard day!

The Birthday boy!!

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