Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Uganda team 19 Day 10

Day 10

The day began with the celebration of our 2nd youngest team member, Nathan’s 14th birthday; helped along by some great decorating by some very dedicated team members who had worked well into the night, blowing up balloons, writing beautiful birthday cards and making a large poster decorated in a Manchester United theme. Breakfast consisted of the much-loved rolexes, fresh pineapple and Nat’s invention of the chapatti pancake (it’s amazing what can be achieved with Maple Syrup)!
We then had devotions from Ryan before heading out for the days work at the YSU site down by the lake, picking up Brother Luke on the way. The projects for the day included digging a trench to repair a wall, the building of a 2 story chicken coop with fantastic views of the lake and some beautification work on the roadside out the front. Our Ugandan “bosses”, Robert K, Emma and Ronnie, supervised all the work. We all worked hard during the morning and then headed back to Suubi House for lunch. During the afternoon we made good progress on our projects and knocked off work at about 4.30. Those of us who still had energy then played the kids at the Village of Hope in the daily soccer match (Mzungus 9, Cranes youth team 6) although the Mzungus were missing their star striker (your author of today), (who was too tired after digging trenches for most of the day). We then got back together as a team and celebrated Nathan’s birthday with a dinner of slow cooked beef, French beans, rice and matooke.
After dinner, Doctor Phil awarded the inaugural “Legend of the Day” to Amy G for her herculean efforts in digging trenches all day, despite the hazards of frogs, savage 8 week old guard dog puppies and annoying teenagers. We then celebrated Nathan’s birthday and Amy’s award with a delicious Chocolate cake prepared by the lovely Juliet. We then settled into the usual evening routines of blog writing, “take 2”, reading and the using of hand held devices.

Blog kindly written by John S.

Pics below..

Party time!!

Todays 'Legend' The pic doesn't do her justice!

Yep John worked hard!!

Cement mixing. the boss is 'directing'!

Look! we got dirty!

View by the lake - the serenity!

The community around YSU

Birthday cake for the birthday boy!

Team work makes the dream...oh wait no... the van work!

Amy S and her work 'double'!

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Rachael Silvester said...

Absolutely love reading your blog you've done soo much in a short space of time and the home of hope kitchen sounds great! Hope you are having the best experience everyone :) p.s. Keep up posting all the photos, the ones of the kids keep making me tear up! Rachael