Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Uganda team 19 Day 4

Day 4
Another emotional day for the team. After another filling breakfast provided to us by Juliet and Peace. The rolex are amazing and some frequent visitors to Suubi House have said we would be sick of them in 2 days. Not likely to happen!!!!

After breakfast we headed out to the Home of Hope for a morning of hard work on the tools with the kitchen or spending time with the kids. Although it was our second day there some of the group still found it difficult entering the home but are doing an amazing job outside building the kitchen in the hot sun. Kitchen should be finished by the end of the week.

Some of the work done with the kids are exercises by stretching, strengthening  or just simply being with them stroking their limbs. Others have been involved in taking them for a walk outside . The team at Home of Hope are an amazing group that have opened their hearts to help these kids.

Back to Suubi for another delicious lunch of freshly baked rolls and bread with the best ever coleslaw we have tasted and fresh avocados from the trees outside that are the size of emu eggs.

After lunch we headed off to the slums and witnessed extreme poverty. There are approximately 10,000 people that live in the slum we visited. We were met by Lucy who gave us an oversight . We broke into groups of 3 or 4 and had an interpreter with us. We visited 3 houses each group . We entered the house and asked questions about how many children, how long they have lived there etc.

Bus trip home was very quiet as we tried to process what we had seen. To debrief we met as a group and discussed how we felt and the following words were used to describe our feelings;
Sadness, anger, overwhelmed, confused, feeling blessed and uplifted, inadequate, compassion.

Experiencing the slums was a confronting experience that we stay with us forever and in some ways may change some perspectives in our own lives.      

A stack of pics today..  enjoy!!

Pre work conference!!

Love them..

A new friend..!

We LOVE photos

I wanna hold your hand!

Curious kids...

Walls beginning to rise!

Hard at it

We love this lady!!

Ever heard of the pied piper??

Visiting homes..

Even an accountant can lay bricks here!!


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