Friday, July 10, 2015

Uganda team 19 Day 13

Day 13

The day started with our usual breakfast followed by Amy G’s thought provoking devotion about Saul which gave us some inspiration for the day.

After taking our life into our hands riding in the van home from the “Black Lantern” restaurant last night, the first job of the day was to get the van fixed. It was felt that since the tailgate was nearly falling off, and the back two rows off seats had become loose (which made those of us in the back seats feel we were about to fall our the back door), that some work needed to be done. Ignoring this, with the fact that we need to roll start the van daily, that the windscreen wipers don’t work and that you can’t open the door from the inside, this van has never failed to get us from point A to point B! I think this is a good example of African life!

The team’s morning was spent working on the new car park at “The Village of Hope”. The team was amazing today. The way everybody worked together was a sight to see, and the team was almost able to get the car park finished in half a day. Richard has a new specialty in rendering, Josie continued to be unstoppable in her enthusiasm for shoveling (which the writer was happy to encourage her to keep going as she was doing such a good job!), some made an impressive great production line moving bricks and others shoveled, barrowed and raked the crushed rock into place. Well done all!

After a short break for lunch the team then headed to the “Jinja Christian School” (for primary kids) a few hundred metres up the road. After another inspiring info session, this time from Ron and Anne (Australian’s who had been on an earlier “team” to Uganda and set up the school three years ago), the team’s task was to run sports activities for the afternoon. After several planning meetings by Amy G, Nat, Amy S, Maddie (and Ryan who FTA a single meeting), the team then ran the “best organized activities ever”! Netball was a huge success (although Di needed to keep her elbow’s a bit more tucked in). Tunnel ball, What’s the time Mr. Wolf ?, “Ship, shark , shore”  and poison ball were also enjoyed.
However, the writer cannot let the game of soccer go unmentioned. After a “nil all” draw in the first game, the second game was again a closely fought tussle- Charles was a “rock” in goals, Richard and Ryan were stoic in defence, with Ben S up forward. The deadlock was finally broken when Nathan McK passed to yours truly for a tap in goal. This was then followed by an amazing corner ball from Nathaniel to yours truly again for an header in to the net (if the goal had a net that is!).
Final score:  “Mzungu’s 2, Uganda 0.
It was a great afternoon had by all, and it was a pleasure to play with these thankful children and see their smiling faces.

Exhausted, we just had enough strength to walk back to Suubi House for “supper”. Charles announced today’s “Legend of the Day” : Nathaniel, for his “power of work” this morning and his ability to control the herd of school children in the arvo – congrats.

Another great day – Phil McK

Pics below....

Leveling begins

Team work gets it done!
Our new gifted renderer!

Now we add the stones.  Hard working ladies!
Looks good huh???

Jinja Christian School play time..
Lets get them organised..
Tunnel ball is always a hit!
Games in full swing
Our new netball star - she's signing up at home!
Charles, meet Charles!!

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Great job team. Thanks for coming!