Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Uganda team 19 Day 16 & 17

Day 16 & 17

Day 16 - was for the most part fairly uneventful!!  J
We went to Abundant Life church, joined in with the singing and dancing. The men were leading the worship so us guys had to get up and dance up front with the worship leaders. Well, all except Richard who piked on us!!!
We then had an ‘awesome’ sermon by Pastor Andrew which was quite un-African in length, but Pastor George made up for it by his ‘small summary’ at the end..
After church we pretty much all slept to catch up on some well earned rest before heading to town to do our last minute souvenir shopping and picking up our paintings..
We finished off the night with a meal at All Friends which has pretty much become our Sunday night eatery…

Day 17 - began just a little slower as there were a few ‘troubled’ stomachs overnight.
Breakfast was cereal and toast as our gas had run out, BUT we were not going to be disappointed because the last rolexes were slated for lunch, and they were great after a morning of hard work finishing off the parking lot at Village of Hope.  We had brick layers, spreaders of rock, people clearing the future netball court with hoes..
We headed home for that great lunch, rested a bit, then headed to Hope Community High School for the annual volleyball challenge.  We were determined to win this time and had even planted Andrew as the referee in the (not likely) event that we weren’t good enough!!
Andrew was too impartial and we lost the first match, BUT came back like bosses in the second and won, much to obvious disappointment of Robert Kafeero as he castigated his team J
After another short rest at Suubi, and we headed up to the Village for our farewell ceremony.  Speeches by all, thank yous all around, some crazy dancing and a warm soda were all part of the ceremony.  We finally tore ourselves away from the kids and mothers and staff, had a quick supper and began the arduous task of packing and cleaning (no mean feat for Josie!)

Tomorrow morning at 4am we’re off to the airport headed to Kenya for safari.
Probably fewer (or no) blogs for the next few days, BUT we’d really appreciate your prayers for all the activities and travels of the next few days..
Thank you all for following our epic trip and keeping us in your prayers and hearts…

Andrew B

Pics below...

The 'A-Team' of Parking lot constructors!!

The YSU chicken coop is coming along
The challenge is on!

Richard serving a ripper!

Time for a huddle, getting our 'win' on..

Charles busting a move!!

One cool Village kid!!

Soda time - farewell team 19!


Dylan Dubbeld said...
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Dylan Dubbeld said...

Woohoo!! You guys are incredible! It has been so good keeping up with you guys on the blog!
Well done on completing your goals (and for winning the volleyball!)
Will continue to pray as you travel to Kenya and back home.
Have an absolute blast on Safari!!! :D