Thursday, January 3, 2019


Today we donned tools and walked or drove down to the YSU (Youth Support Uganda) building site down by the beautiful Lake Victoria. Speaking of beautiful the job we set about doing all day was not at all beautiful- it comprised of sandpapering the walls and ceilings of the house which was very challenging hard work but was all and all very rewarding to see the progress made and some paint start going on ceilings and windows. Apart from this other activities for the day included a nice lunch break with cool sodas enjoyed at midday, a meeting with the older kids at hope village about activities for the coming days and a soccer game against the local kids down the road and of course a daily morning run with the hope kids up Monkey Mountain. Early to  bed tonight after a big day! 
Oh and did anyone mention Albert won the spoons comp last night? J

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Luke said...

Thanks so much to the team for your hardwork at the YSU youth center!! The YSU leadership team greatly appreciate it.