Saturday, January 12, 2019


The team spent the morning in two places - Half went to the Home of Hope where they ran some craft activities with the kids in the green shed!!  It was great to see the kids interact and proudly accomplish some fantastic craftwork. (sorry no photos)

The other half of the team spent the morning with the YSU Mercy Ministry finishing the house for the grandfather and his three grand children. Some mud shenanigans and hard work saw the house completed in the afternoon by the YSU crew.

In the afternoon the team headed for a bit or R&R to the pool - but we decided to take a 100 kids with us - Not so R&R-ish!!  it was a great afternoon of fun and games, some swimming lessons and some ice cream on the way home.

In the evening we had the HopeBuliders Builders join us for dinner at Subbi house - UNO, chicken curry and a Robert K history lesson.

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