Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Tuesday started with an early morning run up monkey mountain for a few of us. The views are beautiful up there and it ends up being worth the long slog of 2.3kms! Afterwards we enjoyed Juliet’s AMAZING banana pancakes which I couldn’t get enough of and then we commenced the morning activities.

Myself and a few other team members then continued building the hut for the ‘mercy ministries’ project. We put logs on the side and top of the building in preparation for the roof and the packing of mud in the walls. I had a great time working with all the local Ugandan’s and we had some great conversations and laughs with each other. Our work was cut short due to rain but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

After a beautiful lunch, we headed to the village of hope to make chapatis (a wonderful flat bread) with the village mummas and the kids! It was hard work and took about three hours because we had to cook for all the kids but we all learnt some useful tips in kneading and got to chat with the village mummas.

We enjoyed a great dinner of Chapatis, potato and beans and then we sang a few songs and told a few stories which I loved! The kids are so passionate about God and I found it really inspiring and challenging to my own life.

All in all we had another great day and I’m loving Uganda so far!!

 Peter Weinlich

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