Tuesday, January 8, 2019


The best way to start a day – With Juliettes Rolexes! For everyone at home, these are basically an omelette wrapped in a chipattie – a Ugandan wrap. So delicious!

After a nourishing breakfast, Dale, Jim, Brooke and Phil headed off to build the framework for a traditional Ugandan hut! The huts are made from tree trunks and are packed with mud for the walls and has sheet metal for the roof. The day consisted of digging holes for the framework, pumping water for the locals to drink and heavy jerry-can carries from the well to the construction site.

Meagan, Anche and Liz headed off to Youth Support Uganda [YSU] site to tutor the female youths in business management and crafting love letters. During the afternoon, Anche put her engineering cap on and worked on equations for the supporting beams of YSU centre.

Albie, Ben and Pete headed to ‘Home of Hope’ to put their physio and Occupational Therapy skills to the test by giving exercises to the youths there.

All team members worked hard and thoroughly earned their keep.

For dinner, Juliette and her gang were given the night off and were invited to enjoy some Sheppard’s Pie and salad, prepared by Meagan and Brooke. Juliette gave the meal a thumbs up and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

After dinner, team members headed to ‘The Village of Hope’ for movie night! The movie was ‘Mouse Hunt’ which the Village kids thought was hysterical!

It has been a wonderful experience getting to know the children and people in Uganda. Team members reflected on this and the fact we are only here for one more week! Time has flown!


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