Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Team 26


The official travel time was 34hr 47min from Croydon to Subbi House. Generally smooth flights and change overs – all our luggage arrived!!! Bus trip was a 5 hour experience with numerous traffic jams caused by accidents and break downs. But we arrived safe just all a little weary.

Sunday – We began the day with a delicious breakfast of omelette ro lexs, fruit and jam pancakes on the roof. A beautiful, sunny morning – very bright and very hot at an early hour of the day. Following this a short walk to church. Ugandan church services are very different from church services I remember in Australia – beginning with 45 minutes of non-stop singing and dancing. As new members we each introduced ourselves to the congregation – Dale impressing us all with a greeting spoken in the Lugandan language which was well received by everyone. A skit, a talk from a visiting Canadian and some praising and two and a half hours later the service finished. Followed by more singing and dancing outside as we met some of the children from the Village of Hope.

After lunch Glenn drove us in for a quick trip into Jinja to get money out of the bank and get a milkshake at The Keep.

Later in the day we were welcomed into the village by Ivan, Sam, Jacqui and Sharon – had a tour of the village, learnt a little about the place and then enjoyed meeting the children. More singing, playing Leggo, soccer and getting to know everyone. Beautiful, friendly and welcoming children who were so appreciative of our company. It was very hard to leave but in the knowledge that tomorrow we will be able to spend most of the day with the children. Can’t wait!!   Liz

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