Monday, January 7, 2019


We had a three-hour epic session of church, including The Hope Choir from the Village of Hope, singing to mark the 10-year anniversary of the Village. It is wonderful to witness the incredible passion of the Ugandan people when it comes to their religion. We then came back to Subbi house for lunch and a break.

After Lunch, we practised our team song that we’re presenting to the village children at our farewell.  We seem to be coming along nicely with it and are in harmony. As per usual, there were lots of laughs and banter amongst the team.

 At three o’clock we headed down to Youth Support Uganda (YSU) Centre on the banks of Lake Victoria to meet some of the local youths.
It seems to be a great meeting place for the local village kids and the children from the Village of Hope. There were games of Netball, down-ball and dancing. It is great to see that all the children participate and encourage each other in all the activities. A netball game was organised with mixed teams including some of the hope builder team members. It was great to see some of the guys (myself included) putting on the bibs and joining in on the game, even though we had no idea of the rules and plays. A great time was had by all, and one of the stand outs was young Ben scoring two great goals. The game ended in a tie – which was quite a relief to us mazoongoos, who generally get beaten in any of the sports that we play against the locals.

It was an afternoon of fun and was great to see well over thirty local and village children. At the end of the day, we headed back to Subbi House to another one of Juliettes amazing meals. Boy we’d be lost without her.        Dale

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Johann said...

Thanks team UG26 for all the updates and photos - you are all doing some amazing work over there and are a blessing to HopeBuilders - in fact as you are now HopeBuilders yourselves... we continue to pray for each of you and for the remainder of your trip. Thanks for your investment in the fight to break the cycle of poverty.... BLessings!