Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Got up to a beautiful morning and had a scrumptious breakfast of Rolexs on the roof top again.
After cleaning up the dishes we had the maintenance crew head up to the Village to do some slashing with machetes and a general tidy up of the grounds.  The rest of us gathered up our craft supplies and headed up as well to set up for a morning of fun activities with the children.
All the children had a great time of going between the different activities.  We had Lego building, colouring in, bracelet making, makeup and nail polish and making craft turtle eggs. After the completion of the activities we had a fashion parade of all the children that had their makeup done.
They sure know how to rock the catwalk!!
To end the great morning, we had a singalong.  We sang Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree and  
The wheels on the bus. The kids then sang us some of their own songs. The children have such beautiful voices.

We then headed back to Suubi for a well-deserved break.
Late arvo we headed back up to the Village to spend some time celebrating the New Year in with the children with some music (very loud), glow sticks, sodas and biscuits.
To end the day off we went to All Friends for a late dinner, with lots of laughter, food, arm wrestling, more very loud music and finished off with some spectacular fireworks. (No OH&S here) 

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