Friday, January 11, 2019


An another Epic Day
Today marked the inaugural Village of Hope Games.  A brain child of the older children working together with the social workers Sharron and Kevin and the village coordinator Sam. It was an awesome event which included the traditional sack race and egg and spoon race as well as the less traditional poetry and tongue twisters as well as a cross country run that was held at 6:30am. In between were dance and song competitions, doughnut eating, and apple bobbing. Team Muzungu cam an admirable 3rd out of 6 teams. The teams were combination of houses who were each given a colour - Team Pink - houses 5&6 - were the eventual winners!!  It was such a fun day with a great atmosphere and fierce competition.  One of the best bits about this was that we did not organise any of it and came as participants and only helped by funding the prizes. It created a great vibe in the village in the days leading up to it and the children and mothers were well engaged and excited.

Afterwards team Muzungu recovered by having lunch at Jinja Sailing club and having a boat ride on Lake Victoria and going to the source of the Nile. We finished with a bit of shopping in Jinja and came home for a meal of Nachos made for us by the Box Hill boys - Ablie, Ben, Pete, Phil !!

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