Wednesday, January 2, 2019


The morning started with a well-earned sleep in followed by a long walk to lake Victoria. On the back we passed two men making mud bricks in front of their house which are traditionally used to build houses in Uganda. We had a small rest after the walk followed by a visit to the Village of Hope where we had a feast prepared by the mothers and older children of the village, this was a treat for them and us. After lunch we hit chaos…. Fitting 40 people into one small mini bus (x3) ... we took the whole village on an outing. Once we got organised, we ventured out to the newly built bridge over the famous Nile River. The kids loved seeing this bridge for the first time where we got to walk over it and enjoy some lovely ice cream. After all this some of us headed back to Suubi house for a rest and the others joined in with a local soccer game nearby. 
The night was taken up with multiple games of seriously twisted games of spoons. All in all the day was very lovely and seeing the constant joy on the kids faces brings such joy into our hearts.

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