Monday, January 5, 2015

Team 17 on the ground

Yes we have arrived and we have all met at the airport as planned - the whole team together for the first time as we had team members coming from London and other parts of Africa. After a long journey and long bus trip we dumped our luggage at Subbi house and headed tot he village and were welcomed by beautiful singing and beautiful children.
Sunday we headed of to church for a great African worship experience as Pastor George introduced thee church theme for the year of "Go and Make Disciples". It was an up lifting and enjoyable service with lost of singing and great African drumming.
Home for some lunch and then back to the village taking some more time to meet mothers and children.
A quick trip into Jinja to get some money and a milkshake and then home for a great meal of spaghetti.   Today we get into some building at the village - I think we are all pumped and ready to get into it!!

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Johann said...

Praying for each of you team UG17 - may you truly experience joy and peace - you are making a difference!