Saturday, January 17, 2015

Week 2 - Thursday and Friday

Thursday began a bit slowly at the village but by lunch time house 11 had been fully rendered inside and out. Even some rework was done on house 11. Dale set up his trade school in the community shelter as he gave some of the older boys some apprentice training as they built timber capping for all the walls.  In the afternoon we headed for the Jinja women's prison and the Missesse slums. It was very confronting in both places but was a  privileged to be able to serve the women and also needy families. We finished of the day with a meal at All Friends with the HopeBuilders team where there was some Muzungu vs Ugandan arm wrestling challenges - lots of laughs and great food,

Friday we said goodbye to Paul & Suzanne as they head back to Melb. They received a great farewell from the village children and Ivan was very impressed with the new village computer that Paul provided and installed. After they left the rest of us went a little adventure to some of the lake villages an hour or two out of Jinja. It was a great experience to get out to some of the more remote villages and have people share some of what life is like in these finishing villages. We got to travel by boat from village to village as we saw a part of Uganda that not many Australians have seen - not many of the villages had ever heard of Australia - although Tim Cahil did get some recognition.
Another couple of great days in Uganda...

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Andrew B said...

Great pictures and stories again team! What a great idea to go and visit the island community villages!! Huge blessing. Praying for you all as you round off your time in Uganda! Be blessed.