Monday, January 12, 2015

Team 17's Second Week

It started in a unique twist of a Movie Night (Madagascar 2) ,on Sunday evening. Children and everybody had fun especially after the movie where Team members and children treated us with African dancing strokes was really exciting and fun though i was a bit afraid of team's getting back to Suubi because it was getting darker and darker...........So this had to stop while it was still very much enjoyable!!
Amazingly this morning i heard some team members singing these songs moreover in the local language, hope they would be remembering them when they get back home to organise a concert based on African Musical and Dancing strokes in AUS.
From the weekend , its now busy Monday morning, as i post this ,the Team is doing finishing on houses 11 and 12 (painting ,vents fixing),then after Lunch ,all roads lead to Youth Support Uganda for members to see how Youths' Lives are being changed and Hopee built up.
Thanks Team 17 for the great work being done..

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Andrew B said...

Team 17 is a great blessing in so many ways already!! It is so good to see how much they have been able to be involved in, share and do!! Great work Team 17! Praying that God continues to bless you and to use you as a blessing!