Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 3

Today we got down and got dirty as we began finishing of the brickwork on house 12. The Ugandan tan was evident at lunch and end of the day as people took of their gloves and socks.

We got off to a slow start as we began to find our found our rhythm and got the scaffold set up and mujanga mixed and bricks were soon being laid.

A beautiful cool breeze made working conditions quite pleasant while Dale pulled out his past bricklaying experience teach many of the team how to lay down some good brickwork. A great crew of Ugandans kept us on the straight and narrow and produced some mighty fine mujanga. No sooner said than done we had the extra 4 courses done on 3 walls.

Coby did a great Job teaching half the village how to knit. Many Aunty Coby calls were made as the children picked up the skills of plain and pearl. Some of the children who have been learning at school are quite accomplished.

A great African meal of posho and beans & greens finished of the day with a few hilarious card games had us all laughing (by far Haley was the best!!!) as we said good bye to day 3 in Uganda.

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Meagan Taylor said...

Looking good. You're all doing a great job!