Thursday, January 15, 2015

More work & fun

On Monday afternoon we visited Youth Support Uganda who are working with disadvantaged youth and young adults. We got some experience on the sewing machines which the current class of trainees uses - more challenging than most of us thought. We then visited the sewing co op began by the class that graduated last year and finally caped of the afternoon with a visit to the new block of land which YSU has purchased and is looking to begin building its youth center on. Farouk did a great job in telling and showing us the story of YSU.

After a full day of work on Tuesday - more rendering and the beginning of some of the kitchen work we then headed of to the village for dinner with the team dividing itself among the houses and enjoying a beautiful meal of beans, irish and chapatti's. It was great to be able to share a meal this way together. After this we had devotions in the 'shed' with some great singing, praying and a word from pastor Glenn.

The posho mill was also up and running today as well with some of the older boys working to get the maze ground and milled into posho for the the village.

Wednesday most of the team spent the day on the water - well actually, in the water - as we had a day of enjoying some white water rafting on the Nile river. Everyone got a soaking, a little bit sun burnt but had heaps of fun. An early night was had as we prepare for a bit more building tomorrow and a visit to the slums

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Andrew B said...

A great post again! You guys are packing so much into your time and being a huge blessing whilst doing it!! Great photos and some great rafting pics too!! Praying that God keeps you all safe and well and full of joy as you head into the last week on the ground there!!