Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 4

The cool mornings and gentle breezes make the early starts much easier to deal with, especially as some of us are still adjusting to the current time zone and sleeping in unfamiliar beds.  Today we finished bricking the last external wall on house 12, then shifted the scaffolding inside to finish off the internal walls. With the final half dozen or so bricks to lay, the mujanga ran out and a game of football (soccer) broke out nearby.  Oh well, time to down tools and find out how good the kids’ football skills are.  Turns out they’re pretty good, as the kids easily navigated around the clumsy Hope Builders Team to score a 3-1 victory – one goal coming from a majestically headed corner that just seemed to pierce the six defenders and the goally as if they weren’t there.  Wonderful to watch the kids enjoying a game they love.  We headed back to Suubi for another outstanding African meal, then relaxed with a few card games. The 500 players have started to emerge and competition is heating up…   [/Paul]


Andrew B said...

Great work already guys!! You guys look like you're having fun and getting things done. Awesome! Praying for lots of great opportunities to meet people and se God working inane through you all!!

Johann said...

We need to include some soccer training in our team meetings - but the header sounds impressive! You have made a huge start in the first few days - praying for the upcoming days and growing adventure!