Saturday, January 10, 2015

1 week down!!

Hello from Coby my second time here and just as awesome you always leave some of yourself behind even after 2 years it is aunty coby everywhere teaching a bit of knitting I thought but I think there where about 30 kids a crazy morning but a few days later they walk around with the knitting very enthusiastic I know I have some more friends here even a few want to come and live with me looking after the old lady ha ha

The Home of Hope, such a beautiful place with beautiful souls. We spent our second day there pouring concrete, carting rocks and pumping bore water to create a laundry and a concrete area for the children to be on, rather than the dirt/mud patch outside the back of the house. In the morning Michelle, Ingrid, Maddy and Suzanne took 5 of the children out in their wheelchairs for a walk along the road…they were so excited. Walking past the school along the road we could hear music playing, something you don’t often hear. But it’s holidays at the moment, where was it coming from? The music became louder and the kids got more excited. Then from behind us, a man pulled up on a pushbike, microphone strapped to the front, a barrel strapped to the back – the Ugandan Mr Whippy Van. Children from neighbouring houses came running, he scooped small cones for every child and we bought our children a cone each. It was a beautiful moment, watching them enjoying their gift, something we consider normal – icecream. It’s those moments, seeing those faces and hearing the giggles that make your heart smile. We come to Uganda to help, serve and give but come away enriched, loved and changed by those who live here.  (Suzanne)

Edith was so excited about receiving her new computer and there was some truely African celebration in the office when Paul handed it over.


Johann said...

Haha I can just see it now a marketers dream - AUNTY COBY'S KNITTED CREATIONS all the way from VOH Uganda... Love it! What a treat for the Home of hope kids..... So glad you guys resisted the temptation of trying Mr Uganda Whippy's ice cream treats :)

Andrew B said...

Anotther awesome update guys!! I bet Coby has a real following now! They'll be knitting enthusiastically for a time yet. So good to see the progress on the laundry too! That's going to be a great blessing for them. Yep just like coca cola, Mr Whippy has made it to Uganda too. Kids must have been so excited!! Edith would have done her 'happy dance' when she recieved the computer. You guys are such a blessing, and I'm so glad to see and hear that you are being blessed too. God is good!!