Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Christmas at V.O.H

It was  a good time full of joy on the day of remembering the day our Saviour was born. From watching JESUS' Film  on 24th on our Projector..for the New Children ,it was their first time to watch Jesus' film and more so on the big screen.
On Christmas day, it was a mourning of lots of cooking, preparing for Church all in their New clothes and Shoes and lots of excitement especially from the Children and the Mothers in their New Gomesi (traditional wear) all provided by Hope Builders International.. The service started at 10:00 am and ended at 1:30pm ,headed home for the Great Lunch prepared by the mothers and the big girls served in the Main shade with lots of Sodas, Music , pausing for photos and many others.
After lunch, it was time for a day out, little ones went for movies at Miracle Center , i went with rest at Town Hall for a gospel Family Show,....... We had a good time with Boys and girls and i was soo Happy to celebrate X-MAS while building Hope in all most Hundreds of Children at V.O.H.
Big THANKS to all Hope Builders esp our Directors for making this happen...We are Breaking the Cycle of Poverty. See our X-mas in photos..


Johann said...

WOW! All of the children and mothers look so smart in their new clothes - we are so glad that you all enjoyed a joyful and happy Christmas - May God Bless You!

Rachael Silvester said...

Ahhh this makes me so happy. I am glad you enjoyed Christmas. You all look so smart and grown up!