Friday, January 9, 2015

Another day in the life of team 17

Today was the first day working at Home of Hope; we are building their laundry and also paving the section at the back so the children don’t have to crawl around in the mud. Home of Hope takes in children with disabilities who have been dumped there by their families or been brought there by the police who have found the children either in the streets or in extreme cases in the bin. In Uganda disability is seen as a curse on the family, or is associated with witch craft and evil spirits. So these children who need special care and lots and lots of love have been abandoned by their families or even left to die. Edith is the founder of Home of Hope, God had blessed her with her son Derek who later after having a brain tumour lived with cerebral palsy, because of her choice to take care of this special boy she was neglected by her friends, family and her husband’s family, but her thankfully her husband still stood by her. She continued to take care of her son, and God continued to lead her to take care of other children with special needs. This led her to open Home of Hope and she is now taking care of 35 children with disabilities along with the other wonderful workers who give up so much of their time to love and take care of the children. Edith’s son Derek passed away last year in September, she explained that he has gone to be with the Lord and that his life has left a legacy. The children are so beautiful and it is hard to believe that some of these children before coming to Home of Hope were left inside a small room never to see light as their families were too ashamed. A little girl who lives in Home of Hope was saved by a guy walking past, she was about to be burnt by her mother but thankfully God saved her life that day. All the children who live in Home of Hope deserve to be able to live their life as much as anyone else, even though sometimes they can’t do things for themselves they still have emotions, they know when they are being loved and they laugh when they are happy. That’s why us visiting them is such a big deal because most people wouldn’t take the time as they are not “picture perfect”.  

When I find myself getting tired or wanting to stop I remember how orphans who are now living in unbearable circumstances will be given a home and will be loved and cared for. Although at times I feel like I am not doing much I know that the little that I am doing has a small impact on the lives of others. The truth is the people of Uganda have given me more than I’ll ever give them, they remind me that happiness does not come from having all the things that give you comfort in life, but that happiness can simply come from loving one another more than we love our car or house. They are not hidden behind brands and labels they are happy with who they are and not with what they have. I cannot wait to learn more from this beautiful place, I know that each day I am learning more and more from God. 


Andrew B said...

Home of Hope will be so blessed with a laundry and an area where it won't be muddy all the time! Thank you for being Gods hands for the 'least of these'. This is changing lives!!!

Johann said...

Maddie great reflection and so true - it us why I love going back.... Thanks team you guys are doing an amazing job....