Friday, July 7, 2017

Team 23 - We're baaaaack!!

We're back, after 24 hours of alternating between lying down sleeping, bending over and/or squatting to..... well anyway, they are now behind us!!! Yay.
So today it was a great feeling to get back into it.  Bodies a bit tired and achy, but raring to do something after yesterdays cabin fever.
Off we went back down to the building project at YSU, to continue our ceiling construction and finishing off the (hugely reinforced) lid of the septic tank.
While we did that, Emily decided to 'get the kids out of the house too) and take them to a cafe to have a bit of fun on the play equipment (whilst she had a sneaky iced coffee and relax - well deserved!!)
The pics below tell the story (except for Emily and the kids as Emily forgot the phone for pics :/)
Check out the random pic of the epic rains we had yesterday - including flooding.

Thanks again for reading and praying, and please keep the prayers for health going!!

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