Thursday, July 13, 2017

Team 23 Day 10

Team 23 update time..
The last 2 days have have been pretty busy, with a visit to Masesi (the slums where some of our kids come from. Visiting homes, giving gifts and praying for them. We were privileged to be able to pray for a few sick and infirmed people and believe God moved with healing. We're hoping to be able to go back and check on those people and encourage them before we go. God was amazingly present and we would love to share more about Him with those we met.
The afternoon was spent backing at YSU beginning to clean for painting the 'almost complete' unit, and cementing the ceiling we'd spent the last days framing out. The evening was spent relaxing and chatting as the power was out (so no internet 😏).
Today we spent the morning finishing the cleaning and doing the first layer of undercoat on the walls.  It was all hands on deck and we even had the kids cleaning and painting (when they weren't on the hammock!)
For the afternoon it was a trip into town to relax and have a look around a bit further, check on our ordered paintings and have a milkshake or 2. Emily even had a boda boda ride!!
Home again to no power as it seems that the 'load sharing' means that Jinja area might be without power each afternoon until evening - good to know...
Check out the pics below, there are a few this time.
Please keep praying for us, especially for health as we are up a down with stomach viruses etc...

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