Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Team 23 in Uganda

After meeting our QLD contingent in Dubai followed by an actioned packed journey to get here, we arrived at Suubi house Saturday evening all looking for a bed to lay down.
The tiredness taken care of, we joined our Ugandan family worship at Abundant life Church. For some a brand new experience and for others a great reunion!
After church, we headed into Jinja to relieve the ATM's in town of their precious shillings, only to spend them on some food and drinks.
We've settled in to our accomodation with another team from Australia, working with Jinja Christian school and doing soccer clinics in villages and schools. A great bunch of young people!  All in all it makes Suubi house a definite hive of activity, with umpteen adults and 4 little kids :)
Today (Monday) our team got to work down at YSU helping to finish off the building being built there. At breakfast, Luke shred the story of YSU and what they do with young people, and to hear how many lives it's changing is inspirational.
We've just got back from a days work and having a relax before supper.
Check out some pics of the working hard group below...
Keep us in your prayers as we get into work and ministry in the next weeks..


Glenn said...

well done team - great to see everyone getting into it. So good to see the YSU site progressing. Keeping you in my prayers.

Stretch said...

That's great - What happened to the Batman shoes that we bought for Jeremy. He probably doesn't want to spoil them. Great work team. says Mother of Bob the Builder xxx Nice to see that you are working hard and looking as though you are enjoying it.

love from Mum and Dad Vdb xxx