Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Team 23 Day 15

A short post today to let you know we're all alive and well.
Yesterday was church and the afternoon in town, followed by our dinner at All Friends..
So a fairly casual day.
Today was our last day the the YSU block. Rob was busy practicing his cement throwing skills while Jeremy and Luke got on the spray paint machine to start the colour on the walls. Our 'real' painters (Nat and Tiff)  did their best on the fiddly work on the windows, and did a great job.
Our boss (Robert) on the other hand was sending orders from his 'office' in the hammock!! 😛.
We had a special morning tea party with local chapattis and mandazi accompanied by a soda with our builder to celebrate a good partnership...
Tomorrow is our last day here. We're heading back to the slum in the morning to check in on some of the people we prayed for last week, then its party time at Village of Hope!!
We have bought a pig and a goat and will roast them up for all to enjoy along with some great chapatti and sodas...  Always sad to say good bye, but always fun to end with a party!!
We leave on Wednesday from Suubi house at 4am for the airport, then its off to Kenya for a few days of safari R&R.....
We still have a challenge or 2 with sickness, especially little Jeremy, so please pray for him for healing!!
Check out a few pics of today..