Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Team 23 Day 4

An early wake up for some for a walk or run (Jeremy, Luke and Natalie 'tried' a new route and luckily found their way back!) for breaky.. After a hearty breakfast of Spanish omelettes and chapatti (those who rolled them together got rolex's), Emily led us in a small devotion helping us to see how we can be used by God here in Uganda and as a team.
Donned the work clothes, bundled ourselves into the van ready to get back into it at YSU. There was a ceiling frame out to finish, a septic tank site to back fill and more.
Emily and the kids decided to sit the morning out and get their breath back after a fully packed 3 days behind us..
Work progressed well until it was time for lunch.  Some ripper vegetable pies with chilli sauce for lunch, hand made by Juliet and crew. Our QLD contingent has discovered the chilli sauce and finding it tasting good on almost everything 😊!
30 minutes of down time after lunch and back to it for the work crew, while Emily and the kids planned some time at the village with the kids.  Melody had her hair done by the girls which they love doing whilst Jeremy and some other kids figured out some new hiding spots... (pics of both below).
A nice downpour of rain to cool it off late in the arvo made finishing work pretty well decided.
Back at home, shower and relax and supper of lasagne will round off the day!!

Thanks for the comments and prayers!! Check out some pics below.

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