Sunday, July 16, 2017

Team 23 Day 13

A few days of silence, but heres another update...

After the relaxing Wednesday afternoon, we headed back to work on Thursday morning, getting more and more done at the house on the ySU property. It's beginning to look more ready to love in and enjoy!!
The afternoon was set aside to go and visit the ladies in Jinja Womens Prison.  Arriving there we were taken to a room where around 60 of the prisoners came as well. They began by leading us in a great worship time, and we were all so encouraged by how, despite their circumstances, they passionately praised God and gave Him thanks. Humbling!!  Andrew shared a short message to encourage them and then we were able to break into groups with them to chat and to pray with them. This went on for some time and was very encouraging!  We had a chance to look at their craft and buy few items to support them. They thanked us for the gifts we brought of soap, food and other things and we left with them saying ..'please come back..'  An encouraging and humbling time for us.
After supper we had a team meeting and sat and processed some of the things we've been experiencing, finishing by praying with and for each other.
Friday, was the day many had been waiting for. RAFTING!!  Everyone out of bed by 8, into the Adrift truck and off to the Nile to take put he challenge..  A few of us stayed back to relax and enjoy the quiet.  The end of the day saw the rafters come back, weary, a few bruises (the river won!!) but full of stories of how much fun they had!!
Today, we worked at YSU, and began lots of painting. The wardrobe door frames are fitted, the railing on the deck is being done and we're helping with many of the touches that will finish the house...  It was a warm morning but good.
This afternoon we headed to YSU to meet the 'YSU Boys' and hear more about the work YSU is doing with many young men and women.  the boys danced for us, shared testimonies, challenged us to games (not sure who won in the end!) and we were able to pray together.  All in all, such and encouragement to see how these young boys lives have been changed and redirected by the work of HopeBuilders through YSU...
These boys have a passion to flow God and bring many with them....
A huge rain storm later this afternoon, sees us all playing cards and relaxing...
Church tomorrow and another few days to go..
Lots of pics today, (in no real order) - so enjoy!!
Keep praying, we need it and feel it!!!

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