Saturday, July 8, 2017

Team 23 Day 5

Today was going to be a bit different... No work on the site but a visit to Home of Hope, which is a home for disabled babies and children that HopeBuilders, partners with and helps to support.  So that mean a bit of a letter start for us all.
After breakfast we sat together while Luke led us in a devotion that helped us see that whether we do big and important things or small and seemingly to us less important, that we do everything as if we're doing it for God and it all counts and is important in God's eyes. Hence we would always want to make our best efforts.
A few of the guys raced up to drop off some washing at Village of Hope (yep, even that gets done for us!), and just made it back before the rain hit. there were huge black clouds and the temperature dropped as the rain set in.
Rain was not going to deter us though, so we headed off in our van along the 'scenic route' which Andrew decided might be adventurous (we won't be doing that again!).  We arrived at Home of Hope to a bunch of very excited kids, but began by spending a little time hearing the story of how HoH started and it's vision form Edith who started it and leads it. A very inspiring story and God led!
Then it was tome with the kids.  Some wanted bubbles, some wanted to be wheeled around and some just wanted/needed to be held.  It was special to send time with kids that God so clearly loves and cares for, and it was a privilege to be a tiny part of that for a few hours.
Lunch time came so we headed into town and decided to have lunch together, where the boys (Jeremy & Luke) decided the double, double burgers sounded good. They smashed them, but are still feeling the weight in their stomachs now!  After lunch and a real, we headed into town to do our first bit of souvenir shopping for a few hours...
Home again late afternoon and a contingent went for a walk up Monkey mountain to see the monkeys and there were plenty!
Juliets chicken and chips for supper and its all quietened down now.....
Check out a few pics below, and of course, keep praying, we appreciate it!!

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Johann said...

So good to see you all up and about again and bringing smiles to the kids at HOH and no doubt tonthe kids at VOH too. I truly pray that the sign at the VOH gate will ring true for all of you - continuing to pray for your health and the increase of God moments - thanks for being Hope builders.